Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Spring is in the air!

We read this delightful spring book about birds and nests and eggs! Connor wrote a journal entry. 

Letter H activities 

Noah loves to copy and write letters! 

Lainey during school!

Map skills and proper and common nouns review 

Connor's spring story he wrote by himself!

Spring themed science books we will read! 

Enjoying the outdoors! 

This spring morning in the dining room!

A fun morning! Sitting with the sunlight in the dining room while Lainey plays in the living room.

Connor copied words from his Rocks and Minerals book into his science journal!

We are practicing reading words with "ed" on the end and learning past tense. Sometimes "ed" says /ed/ sometimes /d/ and sometimes /t/ and sometimes the letter on the end of the word is doubled before you add "ed"!

Connor's bible verse:

Spelling practice with a weather theme, and parts of speech- finding adjectives in sentences.

Noah sped through his work today and keeps asking for more, more!!

Letter I

Rhyming game

Noah's rock paper. It says "rocks, rocks are fun"! He wrote the letters by memory. I would say "R" and he would write it correctly!

Noah's science

Just a little glimpse into the last hour here!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Today we are doing some learning activities with a Valentine's Day theme!

Cut and paste bible verse-

Number puzzle- count the objects and match to the number. Noah can recognize numbers 1-10 but he can count very far!

He had to peel stickers and place the correct number of stickers on the heart paper to match the number. Peeling tiny stickers is a fine motor activity to strengthen his hands for writing with a pencil! It's also one on one correspondence.

Scissor skills- cutting along a line.

Using a dot market to make the letter H for heart helicopter and C for Cupid.

Lainey and Noah used tweezers to pick up Pom Pom balls and put them in a heart tray. I asked Noah to sort them by color. He sighed and rolled his eyes as if it was too easy. Ha ha! This is also a fine motor activity! 

I set up a "writing station" for Connor with Valentine's words for him to make cards.

During lunch time, we talked about what love is and I asked them to describe love. I wrote down their answers as they talked and made this sign to hang up. 

Connor is interested in dinosaurs today so I had him write an entry in his science journal. I told him to make it in "list format" with a title, numbers 1-3 like a list, and labels for the pictures. He didn't quite make the list the way I instructed with one on each line but I didn't make him re-do it. :) He'll know for next time!

Playing with dinosaurs under the table.

Our homeschool Valentine's party was a hit with 30+ kids!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

A few of our fall science journal entries!

Here are some science journal entries by Connor from this fall. We have read about why leaves change colors, apples and apple trees and spiders (that one was around Halloween)!

We also did Apple math- counting by ones and twos, addition and subtraction.

Subtraction was eating them 😉
The weather was so beautiful, so we did school outside one day!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Noah Pre-K 4

Noah is working on his pre-reading program and learning letter sounds and beginning to write letters! Here was his table set-up yesterday.

We build letters and stamp letters and write them in fun ways. Last night Noah wrote an A on this sketch pad and was so proud to show me! His lessons are short and sweet and hands-on. He listens in a lot to what Connor is learning and is absorbing a lot!

Here he is putting together a number order puzzle I printed off from the Internet!

Here we are making patterns with fun, colorful fall pieces like acorns, owls and pumpkins.

Here is Noah hard at play being a doctor!